2600W Steam Cleaner

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-The product is made of aluminum alloy and has a good heat collecting effect.
-Degreasing is fast, the temperature can reach about 100 °C.
-Save energy, short time, less water, no detergent added.

-Through the high-pressure high-temperature steam and strong spray force, with anti-dry, automatic temperature control reset multiple protection.
-The gasification part has a circular design with the same inlet and outlet apertures. Instantly vaporize.
-Ultra-thin design, small and exquisite, durable plastic shell, new materials (flame retardant, heat-insulating, non-conductive), safer to use.

-The operation is simple, and the switch is directly turned on.
-The strength of steam can be adjusted.

-When used, steam vents cannot be aimed at people, animals, and electrical products.
-When replacing the accessory, you must wait until the air vent is completely stopped and you cannot touch the jet switch.
-If there is foreign matter in the process of use, the air jet is not smooth, the nozzle head should be tightened, and the hard object (usually scale solid) should be taken out.
-During use, if it is found to be different, immediately turn off the power and check with a professional.

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