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LED Solar Mosquito Killer

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Protection level: IP65
Light source: 1 purple LED + 1 white light
Rated power: 0.12 (W)
Solar panel: 0.2W amorphous silicon panel
Power: NI-MH AA600mAh 1.2V rechargeable battery
Voltage: 1.2 (V)
Sunshine time: 10 (h)
Dimensions: 90 * 90 * 355 (mm)
Life: 100,000 (h)
Uses: Garden lawn mosquito killing, landscape lighting
Switching mode: Move to the left for white light mode, move to the right for purple light mosquito killer mode, intelligent light control.

- Purple light attracts mosquitoes. According to the phototaxis of mosquitoes, it has been found that 365nm wavelength is loved by mosquitoes.
- Amorphous silicon solar panels can be recharged in low-light environments and have a long service life.
- The high light transmission wick effectively expands the range of attracting mosquitoes.
- Anti-misoperation lamp cover, reasonable gap design to prevent accidental electric shock.

Package included:
1 x Solar Mosquito Lawn Light

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