Mini Bag Sealer and Cutter

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High-quality ABS material, resistance to high and low temperature. Mini and portable bag cutter and sealer, a necessary for whom like snacks with the food bag.
The sealers (gray and white) prevent food from escaping from unsealed plastic bags and attracting insects or bugs.
Don't worry about your plastic bag opening and creating a mess in your bag when you need to take it with you, for example: going outdoor, having a trip, picnic, etc.
The heating bag sealer is very small but practical, it's much smaller than a hand, saving much space.

It needs 2 X AA batteries on the 5th to supply power. The batteries are not included. Please place the battery following the instructions of the positive and negative of the battery inside the cover, instead of the "+" and "-" on the surface of the product. Please remove the battery if it is not used for a long time. Please contact us if you have any questions about this, we promise to give you a satisfactory reply.

For sealing: clamp the plastic bag with the sealer, after 3 seconds of warm-up, move the sealer and seal the bag. Very easy to use, if you try it 2-3 times, you can use it very skillfully.
Snacks exposed to the air for a long time can become moist and smelly, and food will go bad. With this sealer you can seal your food at any time, it’s suitable for any plastic bag.

10cm x 5cm x 4cm. 

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