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Electric Bug Zapper - Mosquito Killer - LED Pest Control Lamp

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- Color: white

- Material: Plastic

- Effective area:20m2

- Eco-friendly design, low consumption

- Strong suction that inhales the mosquito into the killer lamp

- Size:11.5*11.5*10.5cm

- Power: 3W

- Voltage: 5V

-Weight: 340g

-Mosquito control method: light and electricity lure



1. Turn on the device 2-3 hours before sleep to achieve a mosquito eradication effect and ensure you a peaceful sleep.

2.  Using 100% the newly upgraded mosquito killer has no poisons, harmful chemicals or radiation, extremely safe.

3. CCFL (Cold cathode fluorescent lamp) can release 365NM wavelength light to lure mosquitoes in and kill them effectively.

4.Low noise and province electricity design, let your peace of mind to sleep, easy to catch mosquitoes.

5. The material of the product is composed of high-quality plastics and ABS, which are good flame-retardant materials and will not cause fire; the exquisite grid design can ensure that children can not access the electric shock net and ensure the safety of children's use.


6.The bottom of the modified product can be turned on. When using the mosquito killing lamp, it can be installed to receive the mosquito corpse. After use, it can be turned on to clean the mosquito corpse.

7. USB interface, which is convenient for users  at any time. In addition


Note: Please don't place the lamp anywhere near you, for youself are more attracted to the mosquito than the lamp is.


Packing list:

1 *Mosquito killing lamp

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